Norwex Independent Consultant

Selling: Norwex
Location: Port Elgin
More Info: You can clean most of your home using only water and our amazing microfiber cloths!! And with Norwex’s BacLock technology (micro silver embedded in the fiber) you can go further between washing your cloths too which is always a bonus!
Contact: Email [email protected]

Sharon Brown’s Naturally Clean Housekeeping Services

Service: Cleaning services
Location: Southampton, Ontario
More Info: Eco Friendly
Contact: Email [email protected]

Donna Hastings Independent Norwex Consultant

Service: Norwex
Location: Kincardine
More Info: Our mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. We do this by creating Safe Havens in every home we touch as we help families live more sustainably and safer from the effects of harmful chemicals. Help in reducing waste in our homes, saving time and money
Contact: Email [email protected], call (807) 216-7032 or visit

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